Assembly Interactive Model

The Assembly Interactive Model (A-IM) is a new presentation tool, perfect for communicating property developments and masterplans of any size. It comprises a bespoke laser-cut Perspex model clipped onto an iPad with an underlying interactive animation. These combine to create a unique interactive experience.

Imagine this: each member of a property sales team has an A-IM. Instead of showing a potential client plans, they pull out a scale model of the scheme and clip it onto their iPad. As they discuss plots, the touch of a button lights relevant sections of the model. Now they hand the tool over and play the animated presentation that talks through the scheme, lighting blocks to mirror what’s being described. The client now wants to know what units are available. Instead of checking back with the sales office, one click gives live availability information.

The A-IM has been a huge success with the construction sector, harnessing the effectiveness of the marketing suite in a hand-held, face-to-face selling tool which sales teams can use out in the field.

The A-IM is a wonderfully inventive piece of simple, innovative thinking that extends the possibilities of digital communication in a compelling, memorable and exciting way. I wish that I’d thought of it!
— Michael Darby, Communications Consultant, Pod Design
I use our A-IM every day to present to potential tenants and other clients. It’s really useful and visually demonstrates the project very well without bringing them on site – helpful when there is demolition and construction work. The underlying animation is very informative and the narrated video makes a very strong positive impact on everybody. One of the most impressing things, of course, is the 3d model – when you show it with the buildings highlighted most of our clients ask to photograph it!
— Oksana Orlina, Marketing and Leasing Manager, Standard Service

Watch to discover how A-IM can transform your property presentations. 

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At a MIPIM event, members were agog at a gizmo wielded by the manager of property for MAG Developments. She slotted a laser-cut 3D model of the proposed Manchester Airport Village on top of her Apple iPad and played underneath it a display, which lit up the different parts of the development, running a commentary alongside which explained what each part of the scheme was about. There is much that leaves you wide-eyed in Cannes.
— Nottingham Evening News